Wellness Component Paper Assignment

Wellness Component Paper Assignment

Title: Wellness Component Paper Assignment

Part 1 (Paragraph format)

Your first assignment is to write your autobiography containing the following information: (1) a personal introduction; (2) your family health history (siblings, parents and grandparents); and (3) your current state of wellness. Keep in mind that wellness is not just physical health, but emotional, spiritual, social, etc. Make sure you discuss all six components and how they apply to your own life. Consider the clarity, depth and relevance of your writing. Be sure to proofread to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Your autobiography should be a minimum of two FULL pages in length. Highlight the components in your text, so they are prominent.

Part 2 (Outline format)

After analyzing your components of wellness, choose two behaviors, attitudes, actions, situations, or feelings from such that if you change them, you will more fully realize and achieve optimal wellness. Under each Goal, you should identify (1) at least three strategies to help you achieve your goal and (2) barriers to achieving this goal.


Goal #1: I will increase my fiber intake to 25 grams per day. Strategies: I will replace white rice with brown rice. I will begin buying 100% whole grain bread instead of white bread. I will limit my intake of desserts (simple sugars) to twice per week. Barriers: My co-workers bring a lot of sweets to the office, these are difficult to resist. I do not prefer the taste of whole wheat pasta, it will be difficult to switch to this type of pasta.

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