Week 8 Cooper Analysis

Week 8 Cooper Analysis

Directions: The  final assignment is your chance to demonstrate how you will use data to  drive your instruction. First, find a video on YouTube or another  platform that allows you to observe a child. Next, use any observation  technique that you choose to collect data on the child. Write a synopsis  with information from your observation. Finally, create a  classroom-type of activity that addresses the unique needs of the  student you observed. Think about an introduction activity, an  individual and/or small group experience, and a closing wrap up. Use  research to back up your ideas.

Synopsis-Include  a link to the video you used for this project. Give details about what  you observed and be specific with regard to the three domains we learned  about. Use references throughout this section. Include the tool you  used to collect data (checklist, anecdotal record, etc.). Write about  the activity plan you will design to meet the needs of the student. Give  concrete details. This section should be at least three paragraphs  long.

Activity Plan-Include  the objective or goal of your activity. Give step-by-step details for  each aspect (opening activity, group experiences, closure/wrap up).

Conclusion-Include  a conclusion section that allows you to reflect on the entire project.  What did you learn? What would you change? Make connections between the  course content and your final project. This section should be at least  one to three paragraphs long.

References-Include a reference page using APA style.


Week 8 Cooper Analysis

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