Theory of personality and scales

Theory of personality and scales

topic : Theory of personality and scales

Reflecting on the discussions and assignments that you have completed over the course, determine which theory of personality and scales/assessments you feel that you really connected with. Which theory resonated with you and helped you identify elements of your personality? For example, I really resonated with neo-psychoanalytic theory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

For your final paper, choose two theories and scales/assessments that you want to explore further. You may pull elements from your discussions and assignments to use in your paper. Your paper should be three to five pages in length, excluding title and reference pages, in APA format. Be sure to include references to your textbook, assessments, and any other sources you use.

Assignment directions:

Thinking about the personality theories that you learned in this course, define two personality theories that resonate with you most. Which two theories do you feel connected to? Using the course textbook and other resources, define and conceptualize both theories. What is the definition of each theory? What are the concepts that each theory uses to define the development of personality?
Choose two personality assessments that you have completed over this course related to the two theories of personality that you chose in Step 1 above (e.g., the Big Five, Myers-Briggs, another from Test Yourself!, etc. ). You may also use other questionnaires that are in the course textbook that were not used as a part of the discussions and assignments. Write about the results of your assessment and how it defines your personality. Provide real-life examples of how the results relate to your personality. Do you think the results are an accurate depiction of your personality? Why or why not?
Connecting the pieces: Why did you choose the specific personality theories and personality scales? Why do you think the theories and scales resonate with you most? What have you learned about your personality? Based on what you have learned over the course of the semester and about your specific personality, what can you do to help attribute to positive growth within yourself? Provide examples of what you can do to personally grow.
Theories of Personalities & Assessments (some ideas of personality theories and assessments that you can use for your paper)

Psychoanalytic (defense mechanisms)
Neo-psychoanalytic theory (Myers-Briggs)
Biological and gender (nature vs. nurture, genetics, the Big Five and the brain, circadian rhythm, masculinity and femininity)
Trait theory (the Big Five, Cattell 16 personality factors)
Humanistic theory (self-esteem, empathy questionnaire, balance measure of psychological needs, mindfulness scale)
Behaviorism (locus of control)
Personality and relationships (attachment, relationship reactivity scale)
Final Presentation

For this assignment, you will use your final paper as a basis for a narrated, 10-slide presentation (excluding the required title and reference slides). You can create your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides.

Your presentation should do the following:

Identify and explain the two personality theories you chose. Outline your conceptualization of them, including the concepts of the theories that define personality development.
Identify and explain the two personality assessments you chose that relate to your chosen personality theories. Outline your assessment results and how you feel they define your personality, with real life examples.
Synthesize how the theories and assessments you chose contribute to your learning about personality and your own personality.
Identify and explain what you can do based on your analysis of these factors to promote positive growth in yourself, and provide examples of actions you will take.
Include in-text citations and a reference slide for your resources. Use APA format for these.
Your presentation should demonstrate your professionalism. This includes the use of appropriate text/images and your demeanor when narrating (e.g., speaking clearly and audibly, not just reading the words from the slide, etc.). See the information about designing a good PowerPoint presentation located in this module (the guidelines are as appropriate for PowerPoint presentations as they are for Prezis and other types of presentations).

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