Theoretical frameworks in communication

Theoretical frameworks in communication
For your final assessment, you will answer 2 essay questions. The first question must be answered in a minimum of 500 words. The second question has 5 parts, and each part requires a minimum of 100 words each.
All work must be supported with in-text citations and a minimum of two references for Question 1 and a minimum of 1 reference for each part of Question 2. You should have at least 5 different references and a total of a minimum of 7 citations. Please make sure you cite correctly.
Remember, what you put in the citation should match the first words of your reference.
Objectives of Theoretical frameworks in communication:
To demonstrate that you:
1. have gained knowledge of theoretical frameworks and key concepts in communication, which you can apply to personal behavior and personal and professional contexts.
2. can recognize sources of self-identity and articulate how identity influences communication style, perception of others, and strategic choices for interaction
3. can identify and explain the role verbal and nonverbal communication plays in developing, maintaining, and terminating personal and professional relationships
Essay Questions
1. Have you ever been in a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/child, teacher/student, boss/coworker, etc) in which communication was stifled? Using the concepts you learned in the course material, can you now describe how the communication was ineffective? And now think of ways you might have engaged in more effective communication in that relationship differently?
For Question 1, remember to respond in no fewer than 500 words.
2. Give specific examples from your life of situations in which it might be appropriate to do each of the following, and explain why that’s the correct choice.
• Avoid
• Accommodate
• Compete
• Compromise
• Collaborate
For Question 2, remember to respond in no fewer than 500 words, approximately 100 words for each situation.
Theoretical frameworks in communication.


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