Themes on inequality and stratification

Themes on inequality and stratification

topic : Themes on inequality and stratification

Final Paper

SOC 372: Social Stratification

DUE: JUNE 25** on Canvasby midnight

(**note this was extended from original JUNE 23 due date)

Objective:Write a paper that analyzes a specific topic related to Social Stratification.

For this paper you will choose a topic/theme/question that is of special interest to you, which directly engages the courses themes on inequality and stratification. Try to be as specific as possible with the people and the phenomenon that you want to focus on. Use this as an opportunity to better understand the social hierarchies that surround your imminent everyday life.


Introduction (first/second paragraph) should include:

· A clear statement of what your topic is (this can be in the form of a question).

· Why your topic is important and how it is linked to social stratification.

· Explain what the reader should expect to see in the following paragraphs (“This paper will explain first…second…then finally….”)

Supporting paragraphs should include:

· Analysis/Review of literature and sources: Use articles, book chapters, websites, films, data sets, and other sources that inform your topic. These should explain the extent of inequality/stratification inherent in your topic.

· Description of specific cases related to your topic: this can come from news articles about specific people; examples from media/advertisements; your personal experience; that of a friend/family member/professional.

· Use of course terms/concepts and theory: Go through your notes, readings, list of terms and apply the most relevant ones (for example: Assimilation; Institutional Discrimination; patriarchy/matriarchy; Neo-colonialism; hidden curriculum; social construction of reality; self-fulfilling prophecy, etc.). ALSO: apply a theory/paradigm that helps us understand the nature of your topic.


· Summarize the key points of your paper.

· Where do we go from here? What other research should be done? What action can be taken to mitigate the inequality? Be specific. Refrain from simply offering, “We should treat men/women/immigrants better” or “The government should pass a law preventing inequality.” Refer to a specific policy, everyday action, etc.

Other: Cite your sources (use at least 4 sources); include in-text citations; use your preferred referencing style (APA; MLA; Chicago; ASA), but be consistent; papers will be typed; double-spaced; about 6 pages.

You will present your paper the last day of class.

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