The letter from Birmingham jail

The letter from Birmingham jail

topic : The letter from Birmingham jail

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Going into your FINAL paper,
remember there is a general outline of organization that you should consider
while writing this assignment. Some reminders on how
to formulate a paper and keep this outline in mind:

THESIS STATEMENT: Explain what you are going to do and spell out
whose side you are taking from the beginning.

Defense: After your thesis statement, go right into your defense.
Defend your position. Explain why you are favoring one over another.

Opposition: After your defense, go into the examination of the
position you see as inferior or lacking compared to the one you favor. You
should give consideration to that position you oppose but drive home why you do
not favor it.

Conclusion: Basically recap what you’ve just covered. Provide some
closing comments and this is your final point in driving home your thoughts in
this paper. This involves explaining your closing thoughts.

Remember: You should be able to support your positions with quotes
from the philosopher or position in question with citations. Use quotes poignantly
and equitably.

NO PLAGIARISING from any other sources and if
you use posts that are not yours from online discussions, make SURE you cite
them. You can add outside sources with
proper citations.

The topic is:

Martin Luther King Jr. in his Letter From Birmingham Jail wrote about freedom. Jean-Paul Sartre also wrote extensively
about freedom. Compare and contrast the two and explain which position seems
most desirable in your view.

*** please cite something from the letter from birmingham jail.

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