The idea of Virtue Ethics

The idea of Virtue Ethics

topic: The idea of Virtue Ethics

I. Introduction: Provide overview of Sriracha Factory lawsuit case, state the moral tests that will be used to determine the morally appropriate action, and what that action is. (The 3 moral tests bbeing used by our group is Consequentialism: Utilitarianism, Deontology: Kantian Ethics, and Virtue Ethics. Give a short explanation of each theory.

(2 pages)

II. Provide relevant details of case: Identify the person or entity who is the decision-maker;what obligations does this person or entity have? Explain. (2 pages)

Identify factual, conceptual, application, and moral issues. Select the central moral issue, which will then be the focus of the rest of the paper.

Identify and discuss any impediments to morally responsible actions AND blind spots. Remember, you’re still looking forward, so look for anything that would constitute an impediment to morally responsible judgment making. (If you prefer, you can instead include this section near the end of the paper. Your task, in that case, would be to use hindsight to determine if some impediment or blind spots led to poor decisions.)

**Each person must contribute research to this section, using a different source. No more than one person may cite Wikipedia. This is to make sure you’re in agreement as to the basic facts of the case. As a group, you should then integrate your research together, creating one cohesive, non-repetitive section.**

III. Test by Moral Theories: Select moral theories to be used. [Note: If a moral theory has multiple tests, you are expected to apply all tests associated with that theory.]

Remember, your goal is to put yourself in the place of the decision-maker and then use the moral theories (from the decision making procedures handout) to make a decision. In other words, the decision should be made without the benefit of hindsight.

EXPLAIN the moral theory being applied in your OWN words (e.g., what is utilitarianism and what tests may be derived from the theory). Your goal is to show that you understand the material. Then, explain the application of the theory and results.

A. ALL group members must apply a different moral theory from the list below, beginning with theories i, ii, and iii. All groups should apply theories i-iii, regardless of group size. Additional members should look to iv-vi for their theories to apply. Remember, your group members should not apply the same theories.

***** Talk about the idea of Virtue Ethics related to the case of the Sriracha Factory

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