The global health issue

The global health issue

topic: The global health issue

Purpose of the The global health issue Assessment:

The purpose of the critical reaction papers assessment is to encourage students to continue thinking critically and reflexively about the specific global health issues that are raised during class or in assigned reading materials. Students should focus on writing about those global health issues that they find especially complex and intriguing.

Task Description:

Students will write a 1,500 word (about 4 pages, 1.5 spacing) paper that outlines their plans for how to apply the lessons learned during this class to their pursuit of becoming an “educated global citizen” who, directly and/or indirectly, contributes to improvements in individual and population health across the world. Check out (Links to an external site.) for more information on what defines a global citizen.

Each student is required to provide direct critical commentary on one of the class sessions that you explored between Weeks 1 and 6 of the semester. You have the freedom to write about whichever class activity, content topic, video, or exercise you like. For example, if a particular video or discussion board topic sparked your interest and spoke to you on a personal level.

You should:

Provide a brief synopsis (i.e. summary) of the class session (i.e. lecture, activity, video, content topic, or activity) about which you are writing.
Identify the main ideas and arguments presented and discussed during that session or activity.
Analyze and evaluate these ideas and arguments. Your paper should follow an essay format. In writing your critique, questions to consider may include:
Why did the instructor select this class material for her students to explore? That is to say, what is the relevance of the issue to global health?
Was there anything that was covered in the class session that provoked a heightened emotional response from you and/or others?
Are there additional arguments or perspectives related to the topic at hand that the content to highlight and discuss? If so, why do you think these arguments were left out?
What does the literature say about this topic/issue? In other words, link the topic to class readings or discussions. For example, a talk on rural health might be linked to Skolnik’s discussion on health determinants. Be sure to make this link and note Skolnik (or other sources) appropriately – e.g., (Skolnik, 2016, p. X) or Allotey, etc.
What is your personal perspective on the ideas and arguments presented and discussed in the class session? Do you agree or disagree? Explain…
Were any moral or ethical dilemmas presented during class? If so, what were they and how would/could you respond to them?
4. Provide an informed opinion on “where to from here”? That is to say, discuss what further ideas arguments you think need to be considered to fully deconstruct this topic; what information would you need to gather so as to develop a comprehensive understanding of the problem; what actions could/should be taken by global health practitioners or researchers to address the issue; and so on.

5. Lastly, how has this class session influenced you in your future as a global health citizen?

***Remember, this is a reflective paper that is meant to illustrate how you have grown through your studies***

Assessment Criteria:

The following criteria and weightings will be used in the allocation of film review paper grades:

Synopsis and identification of main ideas/arguments presented in selected class session is informative, yet concise – 25% of critical reaction paper grade (max. 25 points)
Analysis and evaluation of the global health issue demonstrates well-developed critical thinking skills; “where to from here” ideas are considered and insightful – 50% of critical reaction paper grade (max. 50 points)
Paper includes at least one direct connection to previously covered course material (other than the exact session you are building your paper on)– 15% of critical reaction paper grade (max. 15 points)
Presentation, style of writing and APA citations, including intext citations are suitable/accurate – 10% of critical reaction paper grade (max. 10 points)

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