Strategic Intermodal Transportation

Strategic Intermodal Transportation

Title: Strategic Intermodal Transportation

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Transportation has an irrefutable importance to an economy. Explain transportation’s role in an economy. Support your claim with evidence of transportation’s impact on an economy (provide a positive or negative example). Conclude with a summary of the trends supporting the importance of transportation. Remember trends are over a period of time, such as ten years.

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Transportation can be referred to as the movement of goods, services, people and flow of information across regions. The role of transportation is significant to resource accessibility for individuals, businesses, and governments. Countries economic development and growth is dependent upon the ability to access a safe and efficient multimodal transportation system. Transportation remains a critical factor today, but its role is evolving in large part due to five key factors: reshoring of manufacturing, omni-channel distribution, domestic energy production, changing consumer demands, and advances in technology. (Dowell & Victoria-Jaramillo, 2017) I am going to focus on technological advancements within transportation.

Similar to transportation, technology is ever evolving and has a significant contribution to the impacts of transportation. Transportation technological advancements have profound impacts toward the freight transport (people or goods) and continues to change the methods of distribution. Growing trends within the movement of freight include autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, or automated warehouses. Ride-sharing applications can be considered one of the most notable technologies that has impacted transportation demand for moving people. Whether you ride with Lyft or Uber, the use of these transport agencies continues grow. This trend is utilized for business outings or for late night parties, but ultimately the convenience at one’s disposal, is a driving factor.

Transportation is a critical factor within everyday life and has always been a cornerstone of economic development. The five factors above are the trends that will drive the continued importance of transportation throughout the economy and bring manufacturers closer to the consumer, provide “Amazon Effect” like distribution methods, produce domestic energy, illustrate change in demographics, and implement technological innovations. The communities that thrive in the future will be those that invest in multimodal transportations systems that leverage technology for providing safe, efficient and sustainable mobility for people and goods. (Dowell & Victoria-Jaramillo, 2017)



Dowell, P. and Victoria-Jaramillo, I. (2017). The evolving role of transportation in economic development.

Transportation plays a huge and vital role in the economy. Many people overlook just how much we use it as well as to what extent we do so. From bicycles to aircraft, transportation allows for the movement of personnel, cargo and everything in between from one place to another. That is a very standard description of how transportation affects the economy since the real process is a lot more complex with many different moving parts involved. these moving parts can come in the form of different companies and organizations taking part in the field or even simply the method they are transporting their target audience (people vs cargo). The overarching field of transportation provide many direct benefits to the entire world on every level from a local community to international ones. it allows for more jobs opportunities. These opportunities can come in the form of more workers for the company providing the transportation (bus drivers, pilots, trailer drivers) or it can just be getting an individual from one side of town to the other allowing them to fill a job that previously would have been an unviable option to work for. transportation to and from certain locations also leads to more business opportunities which then increase productivity rates and revenue for that company then in turn that area. It is such a prominent part of the economy that in any major city, you will notice that many larger well known companies will even set up ports or buildings around big transportation hubs with airports and train stations as some examples. major trends that support its importance usually come in the form of the leaps and bounds companies are taking to improve customer service. The first example of this is the increase of RFID and other technologies utilized to track shipments at any point during its transit with real time accuracy. The second would be the push for more unmanned vehicles to be developed to transport goods. The most frequent as of now are drones and unmanned trucks/cars.

Alla, (Jan 2021). Top 8 Transportation Industry Trends in 2021.

Strategic Intermodal Transportation

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