Statistics for Data Science

Statistics for Data Science
Submission Due: 27th November 2020 18:00 GMT via Canvas
Your project is to perform relevant statistical analyses of a sample data set to answer
a given question about the population under investigation. Both sample data set and
study questions will be provided to you. The particular data set and question will be
randomly assigned to you. This data set should be sufficient, and there is no need to
supplement with additional data.
Your analyses should be written up in two parts: first in the form of a Scientific Research Paper and second a Supplementary Information document. These are detailed
as follows:
Submission of Statistics for Data Science
Both parts should be submitted electronically via the links on the MATPMD1 Canvas
Assignment submission page.
Research Paper for Statistics for Data Science
This should contain content as would be expected for possible publication in a scientific journal. Your paper should be between 4 and 6 pages long. (Excluding your
references, tables, graphs, appendix; but including your abstract). See details below
of the sections required in this paper. Bear in mind that length does not always
equate quality, so consider this content carefully. Clarity is key.
Supplementary Information
This should include full information on your project and can be any length and
includes all appropriate graphs, tables and output from statistical tests. You may
wish to reference this information from the main research paper if it contains results
that supplement the most important findings contained in the main paper.
Format of the Research Paper
Use minimum 11 font size, minimum 1.5 space and 1.5cm margins.
There should be the following sections in your research paper.
1 Abstract This should be a very brief explanation of your research paper (around
150 words) in high level terms as if to an audience without the necessary technical knowledge. It normally includes information about the issue, why it warrants
investigation, key results and conclusions.
2 Introduction This section is where you should explain the background to your
topic and why it is important. You will need to include a short literature review
of similar studies to set the context of your research. Then, having set the scene,
you need to explain the purpose of your investigation and how you will approach
the issue in this study.
3 Data In this section you should explain your dataset and how the was data
has been collected. You need to perform an exploratory data analysis to describe the sample that your are analysing. As well as discussing the particular
attributes of the sample such as size and variables, you also need to use descriptive statistics (numerical summaries and/or graphic methods) to act as the
basis for the hypotheses you will tests in the methods section.
4 Methods This section explains the statistical methods that you are using to
answer the question/s posed by your study. You should also present any statistical model structure (in equation form) here. Make sure you clearly state the
null and alternative hypotheses of any tests, and any preliminary assumptions
that need to be checked for each of the models used. Make sure there is enough
information in this section so that another researcher could use to replicate your
results if they had the data, and remember to write down the equations of any
models used.
5 Results In the results section you should include content that directly addresses
the question posed by the study and should contain relevant plots. When presenting any statistical test results you need to specify if the model assumptions
have been fulfilled and the values of test statistics and p-values obtained. You
need to give appropriate interpretation of these results, considering the evidence
suggested by the results of any tests.
6 Conclusion/Discussion Here you need to summarise and interpret the results
found in your study, and consider if your findings are consistent with previous
work. Also consider if you results met any initial expectations, and if not why
did they differ? Consider how you your results reflect on any studies that you
cited in your literature review in your introduction. You may also wish to
discuss any reservations that you have about the study and consider any future
work that may address these issues.
7 References Include references throughout the text as required. Make sure you
cite them correctly in the text using IEEE referencing style.
8 Overall Presentation Take care in the presentation of your work. Make sure
it is clearly explained. Also make sure that any graphs have axes labelled with
a legible font-size, and that all figures and tables have a legend.

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