Statistics for Data Science Assignment

Statistics for Data Science Assignment
Submission  for Statistics for Data Science Assignment is Due: 27th November 2020 18:00 GMT via Canvas
Sleep in Mammals
Data on 62 species of mammals have been collected to assess their sleep patterns.
The Aim of the Study
The aim of this study is to construct a model or models that best predicts ‘sleep’
in mammals. You may wish to consider that sleep can be measured in several ways
from the data provided.
Data Set
The data have been included with this project in the file ”Sleep Patterns.xlsx”. Details
of the columns of data are in the table at the end of this file.
Submission of Statistics for Data Science Assignment
For details of the form of report to submit, and how to submit, please refer to the
overall assignment details document in Canvas.
Variable Description
Species one of 62 different species
BodyWt body weight (kg)
BrainWt brain weight (g)
NonDreaming slow wave (”nondreaming”) sleep (hrs/day)
Dreaming paradoxical (”dreaming”) sleep (hrs/day)
TotalSleep total sleep, sum of slow wave and paradoxical sleep (hrs/day)
LifeSpan maximum life span (years)
Gestation gestation time (days)
Predation predation index (1-5) 1 = minimum (least likely to be preyed upon);
5 = maximum (most likely to be preyed upon)
Exposure sleep exposure index (1-5) 1 = least exposed (e.g. animal sleeps in
a well-protected den); 5 = most exposed
Danger overall danger index (1-5) (based on the above two indices and
other information) 1 = least danger (from other animals); 5 = most
danger (from other animals)
Work which is submitted for assessment must be your own work. All students should
note that the University has a formal policy on plagiarism which can be found at
As part of your submission on Canvas your reports will be scanned by the plagiarism
checker Turnitin


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