Statistical Analysis Assugnment Task

Statistical Analysis Assugnment Task

Assignment: Statistical Analysis Assugnment Task

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, watch the Week 3 Introduction (Links to an external site.) video, and read Chapter 11 in the MindTap ebook by clicking on the Getting Ready link for each perspective chapter.

Step 1: Read:

· Review Case Problem 1: Air Force Training Program downloadfrom Chapter 11 of the ebook.

Step 2: Do:

· Run the F-Test Two-Sample for Variances for the Data File Training (Chapter 11) using the video How to Add Excel’s Data Analysis ToolPak (Links to an external site.) for assistance.

In a managerial report,

· Use appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize the training time data for each method. What similarities or differences do you observe from the sample data?

· Conduct a hypothesis test on the difference between the population means for the two methods. Discuss your findings.

· Compute the standard deviation and variance for each training method. Conduct a hypothesis test about the equality of population variances for the two training methods. Discuss your findings.

· Explain what conclusion you can reach about any differences between the two methods. What is your recommendation? Explain.

· Suggest other data or testing that might be desirable before making a final decision on the training program to be used in the future.

Step 3: Discuss:

· What did you find in your analysis of the data? Were there any surprising results? What recommendations would you make based on your findings? Include details from your managerial report to support your recommendations.

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Statistical Analysis Assugnment Task

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