software application or website Requirement

Requirement for software application or website

Assignment Instructions: Requirement for software application or website
Create 2 requirements for any software, application, or website that you use regularly using the template below. Refer to my example of “Mobile support for” from the section above for guidance. Need ideas on what can be a requirement? Check out – (Links to an external site.) for a starting point (if needed).

Note: your requirements cannot be “Mobile support for ‘insert website name here’”- they need to be different from the example I shared.
Template for each requirement (includes minimum length requirements for each section):
Requirement Title: The name of your requirement

What: Describe what your requirement is for. (minimum 1-2 sentences)
Where: Describe where this requirement is found (is it on a website, is it within an app, is it on a sensor, etc.) – (minimum 1-2 sentences or just one word if appropriate for the requirement)
When: Describe when your requirement becomes relevant. For your requirement, think through at what point the user will interact with this (is it when a user opens an app, is it when they click on something specific within the app, is it at a certain point in time, is it in response to something else that happens, is it when they sign-in for the first time, etc.) – (minimum 1-2 sentences)
Why: Describe why the requirement is important. (minimum 1-2 sentences)
Describe at least 2 assumptions for the requirement. Assumptions are things that you assume to be true or false that should be considered in the context of your requirement. For example, the user will have an active internet connection, the user will have a device that is at least 5 years old, etc. In my former experience as a project manager, I would take a moment to think through all that could happen with a project, and I would use that to help inform any assumptions that I document. An assumption can be an expectation, a norm, a tradition, etc. (minimum 2-3 sentences total for the entire assumptions section)
Describe what your requirement does not include. When answering this, think about “what will this not do”. For example, if I am working on a website and I am looking to add a log-in feature, the specific requirement for the login feature should not include the ability to sign-in with your Google account if I do not want it to have that feature, thus I should specify that. (minimum 1-2 sentences total for the entire exclusions section)
Evaluation rubric – also known as “how will I be graded on this”
You are evaluated on % completion based on template and assignment instructions.
For example, each individual requirement has 6 parts that are required (what, where, when, why, assumptions, and exclusions).
If a submission is turned in that has 2 requirements and 10/12 parts completed, the score is scaled as appropriate.
Your requirements need to be realistic – this means that you cannot make up imaginary information systems concepts. If those are present in the submission, you will not receive credit for that respective component of the assignment, thus the score will be scaled.
Your requirements do not need to be for the same software/application/website. One can be for one software/application/website, and the other can be for another software/application/website.
If the minimum length requirement that is detailed in the instructions above for one of the sections is not met, then you will not receive credit for that respective section.
For example, if I ask for 1-2 sentences for the “why” section and you submit one word then you will not receive credit for that specific part.
Please submit this as a Word document or as a PDF – these are the file types that work well with Canvas (.pages is incompatible).
Please submit both requirements on a single document – not as separate files.


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Requirement for software application or website

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