Socialogy discussion and summary

Socialogy discussion and summary

Watch John Oliver (25 min)

1. What is the epidemiological transition? Why was the epidemiological transition so impactful for society?
2. What are some positive social outcomes of medicalization? What are some negative social outcomes of medicalization?
3. What impact can the doctor patient interaction have on health outcomes for groups? Why is doctor-patient congruence an effective solution for health disparities?
4. State Wanda’s remedy for bias in doctor-patient interaction. Which sociological theory is implicated in her solution? Explain thoroughly
5. Explain thoroughly how sociologists of health and illness interrogate social factors as contributing the prevalence of disease in society.
6. How can stigma affect the sick role and why is this cultural?

Summaries: (50 words or more each answer) (which is a paragraph) Socialogy discussion and summary
1.1 Describe how sociologists use demography to study populations
1.2 Describe the structural factors that led to the first demographic transition
1.3 Describe the debate over population growth and consumption
1.4 Describe U.S. historical and contemporary trends in urbanization and the rise of global cities
1.5 Describe the sociological perspective on issues of environmental protection and destruction
Sociological Discussion Questions: (50 words or more for each answer)
1. What is gentrification? What are some of the key costs and benefits of gentrification in U.S. cities?
2. As you saw in the chapter, urbanization continues to increase across the globe. What draws populations to cities? What sociological factors point to this trend continuing?

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