Social work mock helping process

Social work mock helping process

Topic: Social work mock helping process

Write a scenario for helping process
practice of a mock helping process with a client in social work.

can be any topic.

as a social work practitioner while
conducting the three phases of the helping process with a mock adult client.
Here are the skills you should aim to demonstrate within each phase of the
helping process:

I: Exploration, Engagement, Assessment, and Planning

yourself by clarifying your role and orienting the client to services offered
by your agency

with client about informed consent, confidentiality, and agency policies

client’s problems

rapport by demonstrating empathy and conveying authenticity

formulating a multidimensional assessment of the problem

mutually negotiated goals to formulate a contract

appropriate referrals to outside resources or services

II: Implementation and Goal Attainment (Task-Centered Model)

mutually negotiated goals into general tasks

general tasks into specific tasks for the client and social worker to do in
future sessions

progress towards completing tasks

and seek to resolve any barriers that can affect or hinder task completion

Phase III: Termination

when client goals have been satisfactorily attained

client develop strategies to maintain change after termination

terminate the helping relationship

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For the second movie, consider the readings for this week. What types of questions do these readings have you thinking about when you look at the movie for this week? What “things” stick out to you now that may not have before?

Length – 450-500 Words

Consider how this movie is branded, uses nostalgia as brand, comments on society, and utilizes product placement and gamespace architecture as part of its immersive narrative structure.
This weeks readings:

Corrigan, T. and White, P. (2021). The Film Experience. An Introduction (6th ed.). Boston, MA:

Bedford/St. Martin’s – MacMillan Learning.

Chapters 7 and 8

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Social work mock helping process

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