social media strategic plan

social media strategic plan
Social media plan instructions
Value Total mark of 35%
Due: April 9, 2018 by 11:55 p.m. through Moodle
Choose a company (eg: The Gap) or non-profit organization (Eg. Red Cross).
Provide the following required information, using a third-person narrative style with
complete sentences, exhibiting proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. There
should be no bullet lists or one-sentence answers to each question. I want paragraphs!
Writing matters and could result in up to five points being lost from your assignment’s
35-point total!
1. Tell me about the company or organization using no fewer than 100 words. (15
points). Information you should capture in this section includes:
• What is the organization’s full name and is it part of a bigger organization? (EG:
KFC is owned by the Hay Group; The Canadian Red Cross is part of Red Cross
• How long has the company or non-profit organization existed?
• Where does the organization carry out its work?
• Is it international (all over the world), national (Canada only but more than one
province), regional (Atlantic Canada, for example), or local (one province or one
community only)?
• What is the primary type of business or work carried out by this organization?
2. Analyze the company’s social media presence (10 points)
a) Tell me about the organization’s current social media use in no fewer than
100 words, using complete sentences. Be sure to answer the following
questions as part of your description:
• Which social media channels does the organization currently use?
• Would you describe it as very active, somewhat active, somewhat
inactive, or inactive on each of its existing social media channels.
• Are the channels the organization is using effective? Can you recommend
any channels it is not using that it should consider adding? Or,
alternatively, are there channels it might want to give up?
b) Think of a marketing or public awareness campaign for the organization. It
can be completely imaginary. For example: You chose Chanel and are going to
market a new perfume for hamsters. Or you chose the Canadian Red Cross and
are going to create a public awareness campaign for tornado safety. Let your
imagination run free and have fun!
3. Fill out the social media plan and calendar (below) with information for a onemonth campaign across all three channels. (10 points)
• Please submit this as a document with the following file title:
Lastname.Firstname.SM Plan.pdf (Eg: Errington.Lori.SM Plan.pdf)
• Double-spaced please!
• 12 point font!
• No in-text citations required but please submit a references page at the bottom of
your assignment, after the plan chart
Social Media Plan
Company or organization name:
Campaign name:
Campaign goal(s). *Remember goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionoriented, Reasonable, and a Time for action is provided. “Sell more crackers” is not a
SMART goal. “Increase Ritz cracker sales by 15% between March and April 2018 using
social media to promote a giveaway contest.” is a SMART goal.*
Describe your target audience (Demographics: location, age range, socio-economic
status, etc.):
What will a successful campaign look like?
Name at least two ways you will measure whether the campaign met its goal(s):
Name three social media platforms you have chosen for this campaign and
explain why:
Name at least one platform you considered but did not choose, and explain why:

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