Social issue phenomenon research

Social issue phenomenon research

topic : Social issue phenomenon research

Instructions: Please read the discussion prompts below, and answer them as you complete the chapter reading/activities. After you have answered the discussion questions below, respond to at least one teammate. In your teammate response, identify areas where you agreed or disagreed with your teammate, and explain why. In your response, also identify areas where you felt like your teammate was either incorrect, or did not capture the idea/concept, and explain how you might approach it.
Initial post discussion questions:
Select a social issue that interests you, such as Internet use or crime. List at least four of your beliefs about this phenomenon. Try to identify the sources of each of these beliefs.
For example, maybe you are interested in crime. When listing your beliefs, you should try to come up with four beliefs about crime, such as: 1) crime is committed by people the world over, and is something inherent to the proper functioning of society; 2) crime is bad; 3) people who commit crimes are________; etc…
When identifying the sources of these beliefs, the goal is to look inward and outward. What factors shape your beliefs? Why do they shape your beliefs?
Now pick a specific contemporary social issue that relates to the general social issue you picked. Describe different approaches to research on this issue that would involve descriptive, exploratory, explanatory, and evaluative approaches.
For example, if you picked crime, maybe you are interested in a specific type of crime such as homicide, or a specific criminal justice issue such as police-involved homicides.
Now, with the specific social issue, describe different approaches to research that issue that would involve descriptive, exploratory, explanatory, and evaluative approaches.
For example, if you were interested in police-involved homicide, you might first explore the topic descriptively: how many police-involved homicides are there? Again, each approach has its own set of questions it tries to answer. From an exploratory perspective, maybe I am interested in how police-involved homicide impacts the families of the victims. Again, the goal here is to identify how various types of research questions can be studied. Social issue phenomenon researchSocial issue phenomenon research

Write a 3000 words essay using APA/MLA/HAVARD/CHICAGO format and ensure strict adherence instructions

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