Schizophrenia Mental Disorder Research

Schizophrenia Mental Disorder Research
topic : Schizophrenia Mental Disorder Research
Title: schizophrenia which is a mental disorder (295.90(F20.9))

Research Paper Guidelines

• Follow the syllabus instructions in terms of font and margin specifications.

• Ensure the proper use of APA Format throughout the paper, this format is different than other formatting that you may be familiar with (MLA) and it will impact the entire document!

• Review PurdueOwl APA formatting instructions (link listed on Syllabus) and the American Psychological Association website tutorials ( provided to you. It is also strongly encouraged that you take your paper to Learning Resources to review your paper and APA formatting before submitting it. Give yourself enough time to have them review it.

• You may include an abstract on the second page, but it must be in APA format, and it would count towards the (6) FULL PAGES of writing to be included in your paper.

• Ensure that all your references are no older than FIVE YEARS, or they will not be counted towards your (8) required references. Please remember that (4) must be primary sources, and (4) may be secondary sources (websites, disorder association sites, CDC, or APA websites). Sources drawn from sites such as Wikipedia and WebMd are not acceptable reference material.

• Make sure that you use in-text citations to indicate where the information was obtained, also do not copy directly from the sources unless you specify that they are direct quotations. Not doing so is considered plagiarism, and is a violation of the student code of conduct.

• The title of the paper should just reflect the Diagnostic Name of the Disorder as specified in the DSM 5, (i.e. Major Depressive Disorder). Remember, do not use an older edition of the DSM as the Diagnostic labels may change with each new edition.

• Ensure that grammer, spelling, and syntax are also correct. Learning Resources Dept. may also be able to help you with this as well.

• The Schizophrenia Mental Disorder Research paper will be a minimum of (8) pages including title page and reference page.

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