Research Paper Preliminary Bibliography

Research Paper Preliminary Bibliography

Topic: Research Paper Preliminary Bibliography

Write a Preliminary Bibliography for the Research Paper (must have a minimum of 7 sources of which at least 3 must be journal / database articles. No Wikipedia, Britannica, Pinterest, etc)

Write a research paper, from 5 to 10 typed pages (12 pt. font in Times New Roman) not counting the cover page), double spaced, with 1 inch margins.

(The paper is intended to offer you an opportunity to study an original work of art from the period covered by the course. Your paper should include both firsthand observations from the work of art itself and evidence of library research. The evaluation of your paper will be based both on the content and substance of the paper as well as your ability to convey information and ideas in writing. Your ability to follow these term paper instructions is also important. I expect a well-written and organized paper in which your sources are adequately and properly documented. Before you hand in your paper, please re-read these term paper instructions carefully to make sure that you have followed all of the directions.)

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