Rationale and annotated source

topic: Rationale and annotated source

Overview of Rationale and annotated source

Note: This is the first in a series of 4 assignments on the same topic, due in Weeks 2, 5, 8, and 10. The assignments build upon each other.
Assume you are an investigative reporter for a major publication (magazine or newspaper) who has been assigned to research important ethnic, racial, gender, or class issues that are evidencing problems and affecting people in a local area, workplace, or specific part of the world. Your goal is to provide an in-depth analysis of and put a human face on the issue, the problems being evidenced, and proposed changes to bring about improvement for those affected. You will report your analysis in a series of articles that the editor plans to publish in two major parts.
The breakdown of the assignments for this series of articles is as follows:
• Week 2 – due 07/16: The Topic, Rationale, and Annotated Source List assignment requires you to conduct preliminary research and select one topic area for the series. Please review this video for instructions on how to format an Annotated Bibliography.

1. Requirements
Write a 2–3-page paper in which you:
1. Identify one topic area you would like to research for the series of articles. The topic area selected should involve problems for those affected.
2. Provide a rationale with three reasons for selecting the topic area.
3. Include an annotated source list of five credible, reliable sources for the selected topic area. A sample annotated source list [PDF] has been provided for your reference.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
4. Evaluate resources and rationale for a selected topic about issues and problems concerning class, ethnicity, gender, or race to explore the impact of inequity on cultural groups.
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Choose one of the following topics to use for all of the assignments listed above.
Possible Topics:
• African American equality issues in the U.S.
• Arab American equality issues in the U.S.
• Asian American equality issues in the U.S.
• Assimilation and pluralism in the U.S.
• Ethnicity and racial identity issues in the U.S (I choose this topic).
• Ethnicity and racial issues in Brazil or South Africa
• Ethnicity, racial, or language issues in Canada
• Gender equality issues in a specific region (another country outside of the U.S.)
• Gender equality issues in the U.S. (or specific workplace)
• Gender inclusion and personal identity (global perspective)
• Hispanic American equality issues in the U.S.
• Immigration issues in the U.S.
• Jewish American equality issues in the U.S.
• Native American equality issues in the U.S.
• Social class issues in the U.S.
• White ethnic American equality issues in the U.S.


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