Qualtrics software survey assignment

Qualtrics software survey assignment

Title: Qualtrics software survey assignment

Discussion 1 Look at the attach rubric below

In this task, you will begin to create your own survey. Below is a list of tasks within this assignment.

Create a draft of your survey in Microsoft Word. The survey should be about 10 minutes long. The topic of your survey should be something that is of interest to you. Some sample topics include gender differences in sexual attitudes, cultural influences on parenting styles, drug use in adolescents, and so on. Here are two websites on writing surveys that can provide you with more information about survey design: Survey Research and Designing a Survey. This survey creation assignment is an educational exercise for the purposes of learning more about surveys as a research method.
In Module Four, you will use the feedback from this module and use the Qualtrics software to create the survey you will submit to your instructor for

grading. You may want to open your account and become familiar with the software so that you are ready to use it in Module Four. It is important to

program your materials exactly how would want participants to see them. Remember to register for your SNHU Qualtrics account by following the

instructions in the Creating a Qualtrics Account handout prior to beginning work on this task. (Refer to the Qualtrics Support website and the instructional

video for assistance.) I already registered for an account my username is brittney.coale@snhu.edu and the password is Britbrat77$

Discussion 2 Look at the attach rubric below

Submit the Milestone Two Worksheet, which includes the hypothesis and methodology. For the hypothesis, give a brief overview of what you expect to find in your area of research based on the research you have gathered. Be sure that your hypothesis is clear and supported by literature, using specific examples from the literature. Explain where your hypothesis fits into the context of the literature you have reviewed.

Next, discuss the specific method that you will use for your research proposal, for example, an experimental design, a correlational design, a survey, or a case study. You should also discuss the details of how this method will be used. For example, if you are using an experimental design, you will need to identify the independent and dependent variables of the experiment. Or, if you are using a survey, discuss how the survey will be carried out. How will you ensure the questions are well formulated?


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Qualtrics software survey assignment Qualtrics software survey assignment

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