Public Marketing Website Development

Public Marketing Website Development

Title: Public Marketing Website Development

Synopsis: A aerospace company has decided to update their customer-facing website with a more modern, responsive design.

Description: An aerospace company, called AAC, is restructuring its external website. AAC is a large corporation that develops and assembles airplanes and cutting-edge craft for several markets, including commercial and defense. These craft include large passenger jets, attack aircraft, as well as spaceflight technologies.

The company has chosen to create a new website to explain its aircraft and technologies to potential new customers.

You work as a web developer for an international corporation, known as IBN, that has received the contract to create the website. You are the primary developer and business interface between IBN and AAC.

As the web developer, this initial stage should provide a clean, responsive, modern design. There is no requirement for a database to operate the site for this submission. The website should consist of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, folders and images. The content of each page must be 100% your own. You are encouraged, however, to research other sites for ideas about what types of content to include oon each page. You must submit a supplementary Word document that is a references page that provides credit for the concepts, ideas, and facts that you glean from these other examples and/or expert sources.


1. The site will consist of the following, minimum pages:

a. Home Page

i. Include navigation to other pages

b. Five services pages, explaining offerings for each

i. Commercial Aircraft

ii. Business-class Aircraft

iii. Space Technology

iv. Advanced Technology

v. Defensive Technologies

c. Contact Us

i. This page will allow the user to complete a form which will open the default email client on the system, fill in the To, Subject, and Body, based upon the entries of the form.

2. References page in Word/APA format.

Please submit all files as a compressed (*.zip) file via the designated Unit 6 assignment in Blackboard.

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