Psychology Question

Please respond to the following final questions. Each prompt should have a minimum of 15-20 sentences EACH. Please also be sure to cite and references. The rubric is attached.

  • Discuss the impact of culture on human development. How do cultural beliefs, values, and practices shape individuals’ identity, cognition, and behavior from childhood through adulthood?
  • Investigate the role of gender in human development. How do societal expectations and norms regarding gender influence individuals’ development, including their self-concept, relationships, and career choices?
  • Analyze the influence of technology on human development. How do advancements in technology, such as digital media and virtual environments, impact cognitive, social, and emotional development across the lifespan?
  • Discuss contemporary issues and debates in the field of human development, such as the effects of globalization, environmental sustainability, or the rise of digital culture, on individuals’ development and well-being.
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