Psychology Question

Controversial treatments can also be evidence based. There is debate in the field of ABA surrounding treatments involving guided compliance and extinction, particularly attention extinction and escape extinction. Some behavior analysts are quick to jump to these interventions, not fully considering how the side effects will impact the client. These interventions can be aversive and arguably considered punishment.

Use the Controversial Behavior Analytic Procedures Template [DOCX] to complete the following:

  • Conduct a search for information on one of the following aversive procedures: guided (forced) compliance, attention extinction, and escape extinction. Cite the source and describe the treatment.
  • Discuss 3–4 pro statements that might be given to support the use of the treatment. Also, discuss 3–4 con statements that might be given to oppose the treatment.
  • Evaluate your findings. Discuss at least four relevant ethics codes that you have learned in this course thus far.
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