PSYC 410 emotional intelligence

Let’s take strides to develop cultural competence by considering how you can adapt to the culture of others. Identify someone in your life who has a different culture than yours (could be international, could be southern vs. northern culture within the US, etc.). The person for this assignment does not need to be the person you used for your other emotional intelligence assignments. Using the 5 Cultural Dimensions Scale discussed in the Cross Cultural Understanding (PDF) (attached below) article, you will assess where you are on the scale and where your identified person for this assignment is on the scale for each of the 5 dimensions, in addition to identifying ways you can adapt to that person’s culture.

Assignment Instructions

For each of the 5 dimensions you will:

Write out the title of the dimension

  • Identify numerically your assessment of where you are on the scale and where the identified person is on the scale. Write the number that represents you and the identified person.

Write one paragraph explaining your place on the scale and the identified person’s place on the scale and how you came to that assessment (minimum of 5 sentences in the paragraph).

  1. Write a second paragraph explaining how you can personally adapt what you think, say, and/or do to the identified person’s culture (a minimum of 5 sentences in the paragraph). 
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