Project Management Assignment Task

Project Management Assignment Task
Task: Project Management Assignment Task
Project-Opening a new restaurant

A project that would take approx. 6 months (from start to finish)

Not a multi-billion-dollar project – keep manageable (e.g. $100K-$10 million range)

A project that takes time/effort to PLAN, do not focus on EXECUTION of the project

Prepare A power point slides on below topics and above is the scenario

Stakeholder Assessment(2-3 slides)
Identify and list at least 5 stakeholders on your project
What is their title in the organization?
What role do they play on the project (e.g. SME)?
What level of power do they have in the organization (Low or High)?
What level of interest do they have in the organization (Low or High)?
What requirements do they have on the project?
What concerns do they have about the project?
Communications Plan(2-3 slides)
What is the name of the document you are sending to stakeholders (e.g. status report)?
Who owns the document (e.g. business analyst)?
What medium will be used to send the document (e.g. hard copy or print)?
How frequently will be you distributing this document (e.g. once a week)?
Who is the stakeholder receiving the document (e.g. Product Manager)?
What does the stakeholder need to do with the document (e.g. give guidance?)
Project Management Assignment Task

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