Positive and negative outcome of museums

Positive and negative outcome of museums

topic : Positive and negative outcome of museums

For Positive and negative outcome of museums assignment 1, you have visited a museum – either in person or virtually. You had the opportunity to choose from a few options, but there is one commonality among all of the museums that you had to choose from: they contained a valuable collection of art that you were able to see. Museums have been around for centuries and are used to contain and display the objects that a collector thinks are important and valuable. It gives the public an opportunity to see the relics from ancient civilizations or contemporary artists. Museums are considered assets in a community, and are centers for culture and learning.

Sometimes, though, the objects that are displayed have been stolen, or mis-appropriated or out of context. They are often seen as places of privilege – the collections were created by extremely wealthy individuals or communities. Additionally, many museums disproportionally highlight works by western, Christian, white and male makers. Marginalized communities are often even more marginalized in museums. Contemporary museums are trying hard to fix some of the wrongs that have been made throughout museum history, but like in the rest of our society, they have a long way to go.

For this discussion, I’d like for you to address the following questions in your thread:

Name a positive effect that museums have had on Art. How did this affect your interpretation of the works you viewed when you did your museum visit?
Name a negative outcome of museums on Art. Was there anything that you saw that you thought wasn’t quite right on your visit?
What is something that you think could change to make museum spaces more accessible to more people?
What is your favorite way to view art in your daily life?
Please write a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 300 words in your post. Your original thread should appear on the discussion by Thursday of this week. Then take until the end of the day on Monday (6/28) to respond to a minimum of 3 classmates’ threads. As you are responding to your classmates threads, please choose one of their points, and compare or contrast it to your own post – how are you thinking similarly? How are you thinking differently? Your responses should be at least 75 words long.

Reply to adain
1. While museums have many positive effects, I think one that first comes to mind is that they are places where precious historical artwork and artifacts will be preserved. I chose a virtual tour of the MET for this assignment and I have been to the MET in the past when I visited New York and the wide variety of pieces they have on display in their museum is really impressive. There are pieces from all over the world and there is something very reassuring about knowing that all of these artifacts will be safe and protected for future generations to see.

2. Something that has always rubbed me the wrong way about museums is that the vast majority of the items in their collections is stolen from their origin country. These pieces are rich with culture and the history of the place where it originated so it is only right that these pieces should be on display in a museum where the artifact has been produced. The amount of times I hear about demands for artifacts to be returned to museums shows that there is still disparate treatment when it comes to museums in the western world.

3. I think keeping museums free to enter is important because there should not be a paywall behind accessing human history and culture. I also think improved online experiences would be a good way to make museums more accessible. The MET’s virtual tour left a bit to be desired and majority of people are not able to travel to these museums as easily.

4. Personally I enjoy viewing digital art but if I am going to something like a museum I would prefer to be physically there.

Reply to sarah

Museum offers many fascinating collections to be looked at, drawn, written about, and handled. This museum is an excellent place to achieve the most critical goals, aims, and objectives of quality art to the best of my observation. The museum enables to fully understanding of art development. Museum provides a critical understanding of art, including practical, historical, and aesthetic comprehension, which is vital to the development of Artists and their work. Museums serve as the language of art. This language provides a complete education and allows individuals to progress their theories and practices and share their understanding with others.
The negative impact of museums in general for art is that maybe if a fire happens, it will destroy all collections. Theft of artwork may happen unless the institute takes extra precautions. In my observation of the museum, the space is okay to contain as many artworks as possible, but it seemed to me that some country artworks are massively represented or have a good collection of artworks while others are underrepresented. For example, the Chinese have many artworks represented In MIA, but Ethiopia has minimal artworks even though many innovative artworks are done by ancient times. For example, the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. 11 churches built from one stone.
My favorite view of art is how the art is done, like how they choose the colors, the design, and the meaning behind it catch my attention and interest.

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