Political Science Assignment Task

Political Science Assignment Task

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The activity is about Issues and Controversies in Public Policy. This activity focuses on the War in Iraq.

Activity #5A: War in Iraq
Seven Years in Iraq: An Iraq War Timeline from March 2003 to March 2010 is posted on Time’s web pages (Link opens in a new window). Go to. Click on each month (i.e., “March 2003 Shock and Awe”) to see a short article of each month. Read a short article. Once you complete reading it, click on right arrow symbol on the top of the article (or click on the article next to the next sign in the bottom of the article). You can see and read all of the 85 short articles covering critical events each month. (All the articles on these web sites are also available in Doc Sharing under Module 5).

Answer to following two questions using information available on these web pages and the textbook.

Q 1. Outline the five major phases, events, or governmental decision-making of the U.S. war in Iraq and explain why you choose those as critical in the War in Iraq.


Period (Month/Year)


1st phase

2nd phase

3rd phase

4th phase

5th phase

Q 2. The preemptive war doctrine has asserted a right to strike first potential enemies, saying that the United States would not wait until it was attacked by hostile nations. Instead, the US would take preemptive action.

When should America use force? The decision to use force—as well as the decision not to use force—can be fraught with complications. For example, should the United States use force only when its citizens are threatened militarily? Should the United States use force when vital economic interests are at risk? Should the United States intervene when other nations engage in genocidal practices? Explain under what circumstances preemptive strikes are permissible. (You are required to write 150 words).

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Political Science Assignment Task Political Science Assignment Task

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