Planning for International Market Entry

Planning for International Market Entry

Assignment 2 – Case Study – Planning for International Market Entry — Group Activity

Assignment Instructions:

You need to read the following case study and answer 2 questions listed at the end of this case study. As a team you have to answer the 2 questions in relation to International Market Strategy Content you have studied in class. Please use your own words to answer the questions. You can cite content from the textbook for this purpose.

Your response to each question should be documented in the form of a report. This report needs to have:

 A title page with your team member names, Course Title, Class Section #, Date of Submission
 Table of Contents
 Each Question clearly labelled, followed by your response
 Bibliography

The final report needs to be uploaded into the drop box by just 1 team member before the due date for this assignment.

You will be marked based upon the following criteria:

A. Appearance of the Document
B. Quality of Reponses to each question
C. Originality of Content
D. On-time submission. (Late submission can lead to a penalty of 20% of overall score)

Assignment Grading:
Q1, Q2, – 10 points each (20 points total)
Report Quality – 5 points
Originality – 5 points

Negative Marking: (Lack of Originality / Late Submission)

Explain the types of market entry strategies and considerations for both products and services in terms of their application, advantages and disadvantages.

Select the most advantageous market entry strategy for an international venture based on the results of feasibility research, risk analysis, and competitive analysis.

Identify, research and analyze potential business partners to determine compatibility for an international venture.

Develop a strong international business plan including key business strategies with identified metrics upon which the organization can monitor progress, success and weaknesses.

Develop a strategic plan for market entry, based on the international business plan. International Market Entry Strategies Module — Planning for International Market Entry © FITT 4 (Planning for International Market Entry)

Q1. What could Patricia have done differently in her overall approach to developing international sales for Unlimited Combines?

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