Place Fuentes Review Essay

Place Fuentes Review Essay

title: Place Fuentes Review Essay

Reading From Text Book REVIEW Steps For Writing a Synthesis on page 216. Analyzing Arguments Page 96-101 particularly the Steps to Analyzing an Argument on page 101 Appealing to Your Readers 247-267 School Segregation, The Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson by Nikole Hannah-Jones Pg 434 The Myth of Race By Agustin Fuentes page 629 POTENTIALLY The Condition of Black Life Is One Of Mourning By Claudia Rankine Pg 457 What is A “System of Privilege”? By Allan Johnson Pg 454 13 Film on Netflix or YouTube Overview and Prompt: Paper #2 will draw on the readings from week 3 and 4 and build upon the readings from week 1 and 2. You are tasked with the effort to create and argument like the ones you have analyzed including the crucial components of 1 stand alone Main claim that states your position (in other words what you are arguing for or against) and 3 sub claims to support you reasoning. Keep in mind the appeals to persuade your readers. Here is your task CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS BELOW notice that you are asked to include previous readings: Place Fuentes’s text in conversation with that of Allan G. Johnson (pp. 454–57 ) to write an essay about the methods by which racial stereotypes and privilege are reinforced and how they can be “busted.” Based on the evidence in these texts and perhaps your personal experience, what can you conclude about changing — or unchanging — concepts of race in the United States? IN other words what can you argue for or against changing or unchanging notions of race as of today? Use your own perspective to make a claim and the evidence from the texts to support your view. You can place the Film 13 into this conversation if you see fit. While there may be no biological basis for racial difference, Fuentes argues that race “. . . Still Matters in Our Society.” Compose an essay in which you draw on Fuentes’s ideas to help explain the specific social dynamics described in texts by Nikole Hannah-Jones (pp. 434–52 ), or Claudia Rankine (pp. 457–64 ). In other words explain race as described by Fuentes and how its seen in action to maintain social injustice, social inequality make a statement that you can support with evidence from all 3 texts. You can place the Film 13 into this conversation if you see fit. Be mindful that this requires you to provide ONE MAIN CLAIM and 3 Sub Claims and use the sources as support or evidence. Guidelines: Highlight your main claim Green. Highlight sub claims Blue in your document. The paper should be MLA format. 12 pt Font Times New Roman. 1 inch margins. See the Purdue OWL Formatting Guide (Links to an external site.) At least 3 COMPLETE pages long. Uses at least 2 sources. Contains Work Cited Page. Uses 3rd Person Point of view. Avoids 1st (I, We, Us) and 2nd Person (YOU).

This message noted from my prof for the essay you are working on it: Paper #2 is due this week as well. Make sure you know that this is an ARGUMENT therefore you must have the following structure. 1 Main claim (thesis) which proposes what you will be arguing. Takes a position on the issue at hand. 4 Sub Claims Statements that support the main claim, backed up by evidence from the sources. Remember that you are seeking to synthesize the sources in your composition by using them as evidence for your sub claims. Make sure you refer to the feedback from paper #1 for format, purpose, voice, content etc.

And so on. Most of us opted to summarize the sources without making connections among them and that is not a synthesis. Keep this in mind for paper #2 as we create an argument in which you will use the sources to back up your points, synthesizing the information as evidence to prove your argument. The thesis (Main Claim in paper #2) should be clear direct, succinct and a stand alone statement that displays the direction of your document. In paper #2 it will be the position you want to argue. Keep this statement simple. Grammar The instruction clearly note that you should avoid writing formal compositions in the first person point of view (I, We,Our, Us) as well as the second person point of view (you, yours, yourself). This is so that you can really think about your sentences, word for word.

Paper #2 Outline MAIN CLAIM: Social inequality is the single largest contributor for homelessness. SC1 Affordable housing is no longer available for all. In 1983, the federal government cut a large portion of the budget allocated for affordable housing, creating a dynamic that made homes less available and affordable for low income individuals (Invisible).SC2 Income inequality creates a dynamic that keeps the low income populations low income and high-class populations well-off, therefore middle class populations may slip into poverty and low income populations may slip into homelessness. Minimum wage has not increased since 1968 nor does it strive to achieve housing demand parity which is necessary to afford appropriate living (Invisible)SC3The notion that our culture is mainly middle class is dangerous due to the assumption that one can achieve upward mobility when realistically that is not true, in the current social structure is more realistic that classes are set back into poverty and became unable to afford a home.“Stressing how middle class we all are is particularly problematic today, because the proportion of households eraning between 75 percent and 125 percent of the median income has fallen steadily since 1967” (Loewen 214). SC4 Low income populations are described as mentally, lazy and unwilling to change their condition when in reality there are barriers that keep them in poverty and homelessness. “From womb to tomb…” (Loewen 215) Mental ill patients need medicine to get in a shelter but they cannot get medicine unless they have a stable place to live. Children are often brought up in chaos an unstable environments normalizing and abnormal life. (Shelter)

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