PivotTable to display summary data

PivotTable to display summary data

Title: PivotTable to display summary data

Create a Dashboard to provide insight about your data.

Use the Nielsen data provided from the link below:



Select radio market data from 1- 3 Florida markets (cities). Example: Walton Beach – Destin, FL

Export the data into an Excel spreadsheet, labeling the content by market/city.

Part A: Add a PivotTable to display summary data.

Create value fields
Create row dimensions
Add a basic filter for Model
Insert a Slider for Months
Insert a Timeline for Date
Use “Format as Table” to format the PivotTable using colors of your choice. (Several PivotTable styles are available to choose from).

Note: In a Pivot Table report, the dimensions are the descriptive attributes used for labeling, grouping, and aggregating the data – for example, Type and Date. The measures are the numeric data points that can be used in mathematical operations; for example, sales, quantity, etc.

Part B: For this part, you are required to perform only one of the following activities:


Add a Bar Graph to show the top category of products, providing additional insight about your data. You choose the appropriate dimension(s) and measure(s), and you choose the layout and design.
Ensure that your PivotChart is relevant and is able to answer questions about your data.


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PivotTable to display summary dataPivotTable to display summary data

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