Physics Concepts Assignment

Physics Concepts Assignment

topic : Physics Concepts Assignment

Write an APA paper that addresses the following:
Conduct research either using the textbook and/or online website and provide a summary of the following concepts. The format of the Physics Concepts Assignment must follow APA format guidelines only to the extent you properly include in-text citations to document where you got your information.
• Discuss: the properties of light (including the concept of reflection, refraction, and dispersion)

• Discussed the nature of light wave-like behavior and particle-like behavior

• Discussed the general theory of relativity (including special relativity one and two)

• Explain the electronic charges associated with the parts of the atom

• Explain Dalton’s atomic theory

• describe Moore’s theory and how it is associated with the quantum theory of the atom

Explain the quantum mechanics model
Pick any three and write an APA formatted response paper. Make sure you follow the APA rules specifically to document your in-text citation and your reference page. If you have a question, please let me know. The templates below are what I expect your paper to look like. Make sure your paper is in word doc format only; NOT IN APA format. I need to have it in word format in order to make comments on your paper.
In preparation for your Signature Assignment and Presentation using PowerPoint slides in week 9,
Turn in Part 1 of your Signature Assignment:
1. Topic selection related to Physical Science.
2. Part 1 – the introduction which will introduce your topic, why it is considered important, and the consequences, if any, if not addressed. The paper should be 1-2 pages, APA format, using in-text citation, reference page. The paper should have an introduction, a middle part (explaining the theme of the paper), and a conclusion. Please run your paper through a spell checker, punctuation, and grammar checker before posting.


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