Parental leave policy review

Parental leave policy review
SA300 Assignment 2: Parental leave
A. Background to the Social Policy Field/Identification of key issues
This section ‘sets the scene’ in relation to your chosen policy field, focusing on the characterization of the social problem or social need to which the policy is a response.
 This includes some data but also academic reading on the area now. Use the further reading, core reading and lecture to help.
B. Review of Existing Policy Approaches
In this section, you should identify the policy approach that have been used over the past two decades. Identify 2-3 key measures or ‘landmarks’ which act as focal points for policy in the field in the relevant literature.
 Look at the bits of the policy that is working and the bits of the policy that isnt working.
C. Future Policy recommendations
Building on the situation as you have characterized it, here you recommend what policy makers should do to improve policy, and why this policy change would be legitimate, feasible and desirable. This is the most demanding component of the assignment! For this part especially, you should certainly expect to draw in part on material that goes beyond that covered in the relevant lecture and associated seminar (drawing on what you have learned about search techniques in the Library seminar).
 Look at what could be done differently

Notes for Parental leave policy review
Parental leave policy
Background: time out of labour market a key cause of the gender pay gap
Review: shared leave policy, but under-used
Future: what does the academic literature say would work here?

Further resources for Parental leave policy review

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