Opera Research Paper

Opera Research Paper

topic : Opera Research Paper

Points/percentage of grade: 15% of course grade

This paper requires you to research the life of Mozart and the history/background of the opera, The Marriage of Figaro.

Paper specifications: 4-5 typed pages, double-spaced.

Reference specifications: cite at least 10 authoritative sources (books, journal articles, web resources). You can use your textbook as one source but must have other book or scholarly journal references in addition. Note: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source for this or other academic projects.

For help with Music Research: http://libguides.indstate.edu/MUSIC

Citation style: no specific style is required; however, document all sources of information both in the main body of the paper (e.g. parenthetical documentation, footnotes) and in a References/Works Cited list.

Items to include

Discuss the composer’s life and his musical output.
When did the composer(s) write this opera?
Who wrote the libretto (text)?
Is the opera based on an earlier play or book?
How many acts are in the opera?
Who are the main characters of the opera?
Give a brief synopsis of the plot (limit this to one page or less).
Discuss the musical/historical/social significance of this opera.
What are some of the musical and theatrical characteristics of the opera?
Discuss any other details of the opera of interest, such as:
What was the first performance like?
What kind of reviews did the opera first receive?
How does the opera reflect the society of the time period it was written?

Research Resources

Use the online catalog (fusion.indstate.edu) to find books. Remember to search for Beethoven in general and also look for items specific to the opera. Use this as your main search: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791. Nozze di Figaro – or- just Nozze di Figaro.

Books on the history of opera typically discuss the background of specific operas and give a synopsis of their plot. Books of this sort may be found at libraries under these call numbers:

ML 102 .O6

ML 1700 (particularly ML 1700 .G83 and ML 1700 .H57

To listen to the work, access it online via the Library’s Naxos Music Library, or find on iTunes, etc.

Articles: to locate scholarly music journal articles, use Music Index Online: it’s compiled from more than 690 international music periodicals offering access to historiographic, ethnographic and musicological data. More than one million items are indexed, dating back to 1979. An additional source of full-text articles for all topics is JSTOR.

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