New Chocolate Energy Drink

New Chocolate Energy Drink

topic : New Chocolate Energy Drink


Mozart International has developed a new product (below).

New Chocolate Energy Drink

Introducing Mozart Energy Drink™, “The World’s First Chocolate Energy Drink.” An amazing symphony of flavors – a chocolate seduction inside and out. Experience the energy, the seductive aroma and taste. A perfect score of liquid harmony that pleases everyone.

Mozart International (MI) profile:

Family owned and operated; 5 employees.
Successful new product based on high quality organic ingredients; protected by U.S. patents and trademarks.
No experience in international operations.
Availability of financial resources for foreign investment – possible but limited.
Domestic U.S. market is highly competitive and dominated by large companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle.

MI asked for your recommendations on international expansion:

Conduct market analysis by SPECIFICALLY using the step-by-step approach:
Recommend two best attractive countries (markets) for MI’s expansion worldwide.
Assess and discuss key comparative benefits, costs and risks of expansion to these markets. Narrow down from two to one best (target) market.
Recommend the best entry strategy to the target market. Compare exporting, FDI, and licensing options.

Part 2 Strategic IB case analysis. Space limit: ≤1 page.

Submit your case analysis as an attached file in Word or PDF via Brightspace by June 24, 2021 no later than 11:59 PM PST

Grading strategic analysis in IB:

50% – demonstrated knowledge of theoretical/methodological concepts.
20% – knowledge of specific sources of information and assistance in IB.
20% – quality of practical recommendations.
10% – quality of presentation (structure, priorities, logic and flow).

You are assigned an IB consulting project.

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