Network Diagram & Systems Management

Network Diagram & Systems Management Plan

A network diagram provides a visual map of the IT operations for an organization. Not only does it display the current infrastructure, the diagram also shows the connectivity for the entire infrastructure. Now that you have analyzed the current standards and protocols, it is time to analyze the infrastructure and make updates to the diagrams.

Review the existing International Plastics network diagrams. Update each of the four location diagrams with recommendations for IT infrastructure improvements using Microsoft® Visio® or Word®. (Students who choose to use Visio® must have access to the software on their own.)

In addition to your four separate network diagrams, explain the choices made and your recommended improvements. Include the following information in your explanation:

List of changes and related decisions on the diagram
Summary of the risks to the current network
Recommendations for mitigating risks
Part 2: Systems Management Plan

After the CEO reviewed your recommendation, he asked you to review the business application and the ERP system and to create a system management plan. This plan provides the executive team with the details of a new or upgraded system implementation and helps to decide if it is a viable solution for the business. A plan of this nature is typically four to five pages in length, with charts when appropriate.

Develop a system management plan for a new enterprise system for International Plastics, Inc. Ensure you:

Incorporate an ERP, CRM, SCM, and data management into the International Plastics’ IT infrastructure
Summarize how software applications utilize the IT infrastructure
Describe the ethical and regulatory concerns associated with the plan
Justify the plan in the context of improved business performance
Address current trends and security concerns
Submit your Part 1: Network Diagram Updates and Part 2: Systems Management Plan.

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Network Diagram & Systems Management


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