National Physical Education Standards

National Physical Education Standards

topic : National Physical Education Standards

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National Physical Education Standards: Standard 5 specifically emphasizes students’ ability to be knowledgeable about the health benefits they obtain from being physically active, to develop positive coping strategies to deal with challenges and difficulties they encounter when engaging in physical activity, to understand the connection between self-expression and enjoyment, and to demonstrate respect for self and other when involved in activities that foster social interaction.

Physical Education is important and should not be neglected. Physical education helps kids who do not have an active lifestyle at home be healthy and get moving. The United States has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity. Many kids today do not go outside to play but instead stay inside and play video games or watch TV. This kind of lifestyle is not healthy and can result in health problems such as, type 2 diabetes, certain heart conditions, high blood pressure, and many other diseases that could potentially become life threatening as they grow older. Statistics have shown that children who go to schools which do not have physical education are more likely to have a higher rate of children who are not active out of school. Physical education can encourage healthy and fun lifestyles in school as well as out of school.


Why is it important to provide fitness learning opportunities across all grade levels that would benefit students in all aspects of their lives?

You may include the following:

Childhood obesity
Lack of parental education
Social economic background
Demographic statistics

You will need to include a minimum of 2 peer reviewed sources; you may use popular sources in addition to your two (2) peer reviewed sources. Your grade will be dependent upon the accuracy and completeness of information, use proper reference/citation of outside resources, spelling and grammar, and it must be in APA format. Paper/content should be 4 pages in length double space along with a cover page and citation page for a total of 6 pages. You should use 11- or 12-point font in Arial or Times New Roman and use headings and subheading where appropriate.

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