MCE & I categories assignment

MCE & I categories assignment

Worksheet #1 (10%)
Due: Wednesday, January 20th by 5pm (EST)
on BB under assignments
NOTE: This assignment will be submitted as a safe assignment on BB. The safeassign software compares your submission to everything that is available on the internet, including other students work. To avoid any academic misconduct, please source work that you resourced that is not your own. Also, please remove the questions below on your submission. Please keep Question #1: but erase my typed-out question. Replace it with just your answer. This will alleviate a high % of the software thinking you have plagiarism when the document is scanned.

Question #1:
a) In your own words, what is the main difference between the MCE & I categories? (1 mark)
b) Please give an example of an appropriate company (like my example given in lecture) and how they can plan an event within one of the M,C or E categories as well as the I. Please provide details and specific examples. *This is to be ‘made up’ – use your imagination you will not find this on the internet* (1 mark for company name and 3 marks for example = 4 marks total)

Question #2:
With everything going on in the world today (forcibly virtual) and your knowledge of the event industry, please name one positive and one negative aspect that the Meetings Industry should recognize, utilize or employ for the future. Please be as detailed as possible for full marks (2 marks for positive and 2 marks for negative = 4 marks total)

Question #3:
Compare and contrast a Board Meeting vs. a Tradeshow. Be sure to include was many details as possible. (4 marks)

Question #4:
What is the #1 way to remember the difference between a Convention and Conference facility? (1 mark)

Question #5:
Do you belong to an Association?
If yes, what is the name of the Association and provide your #1 reason for belonging to it? If no, research and identify 1 (one) association that you might like to belong to once you graduate and provide your #1 reason why you choose this association? (2 marks total)

Question #6:
In your opinion, would there be any disadvantages to a corporation/company booking an entire hotel for the full duration of their 4-day conference? This can be from the view of the venue or the company. (2 marks)

Question #7:
Besides when they book, what would be another big difference when comparing a Corporate Group vs. a SMERF group? Please provide 2 examples. (2 marks)

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