Math for Business assessment task

Math for Business assessment task

BUSI 1003: Math for Business

Assignment 1 Questions
Based on Unit 1 & 2
Total 100 marks
Each question carries 6 marks(13X6=78).
Only the question 11 & 13 carries 11 marks each(2X11=22).
Solve: (6 + 3)2 – 17 × 3 + 70

Solve: $20,000/(1+0.07×7/12)

During Michael Jordan’s NBA career (1984–2003), he averaged a free throw completion percentage of 83.5% in regular season play. If Jordan threw 8,772 free throws in his career, how many completed free throws did he make?

A machine can produce 2,500 products per hour. If 37 of those products were defective, what is the defect rate per hour for the machine?

Solve [(〖5x〗^9+〖3x〗^9)/2x]^5

A bottle of liquid laundry detergent priced at $16.99 for a 52-load bottle has been changed to $16.49 for a 48-load bottle. By what percentage has the price per load changed?

Kerry participated in a fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation yesterday. She sold 115 pins for $3 each, 214 ribbons for $4 each, 85 coffee mugs for $7 each, and 347 baseball hats for $9 each. Calculate the average amount Kerry raised per item.

Canadian Tire is having an end-of-season sale on barbecues, and only four floor models remain, priced at $299.97, $345.49, $188.88, and $424.97. What is the average price for the barbecues?

EB Games sells gaming consoles. Last month, it sold $22,500 worth of Nintendo Wii consoles, $31,500 worth of Microsoft Xbox consoles, and $18,000 worth of Sony PlayStation consoles. Express the ratio of Wii to Xbox to PlayStation sales in its lowest terms

If one Canadian dollar buys $1.0385 of US dollars, how much US money can you spend so that you do not exceed the maximum duty-free amount of $800 Canadian on your next US vacation?
Solve: $10,000/(1+0.115/4)^2 +$68 [1-1/(1+0.115/4)^2 ]/(0.115/4)

4y/〖1.025〗^4 +y-2y〖(1.05)〗^2=$1,500

In 2011, Canadian federal tax rates were 0% on the first $10,527 of gross income earned, 15% on the next $31,017, 22% on the next $41,544, 26% on the next $45,712, and 29% on anything more. If a taxpayer paid $28,925.35 in federal tax, what was her gross annual income for 2011?

Solve ln⁡($100,000/$10,000)

Solve : ln(1.0127541)


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Math for Business assessment task Math for Business assessment task

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