Math assignment Using excel

Math assignment Using excel
Group Work Instructions for Math assignment Using excel:
1. On the Moodle you will find the following 3 Links in the week 17th – 23rd January, 2021:
• MTH203-STA201_Group Work Instructions-Fall 2020, this instructions file;
• MTH203-STA201_Group Work-Fall 2020, the Group Work Excel file containing the cover, the subject with the questions and data, and the answer sheets where you will insert the answers;
• MTH203-STA201_Group Work Upload-Fall 2020, the upload link where you upload the paper.
2. The Group Work Excel file is composed of 7 sheets: “Cover”, “Subject”, “Data”, “Answer_a”, “Answer_b”, “Answer_c”, “Answer_d”.
3. Read the subject and data from the “Subject” and “Data” sheets of the Group Work Excel file.
4. Type your answers in the 4 sheets of the same file: “Answer_a”, “Answer_b”, “Answer_c”, “Answer_d”. Do not use red color.
5. For question d., you will be able to answer it only after we cover Chapter 14 (Regression) in week 18 (10th – 16th January, 2021).
6. You should work in groups of 3 to five students.
7. Write all group members full Names and Student ID Numbers on the “Cover” sheet of the Group Work Excel file.
8. Save your Group Work paper (Group Work Excel file) in MS Excel.xlsx or MS Excel.xls format (the only formats accepted by the system) and upload it to the Moodle using the upload link (Only the group leader should make the upload) from 17th until 21st January 2021, end of business day.
9. The group leader should use his/her name + student ID as file name.
10. Upload the whole “Group Work Excel file” as it is, and do not change the file style/format.
11. You must show all the work steps to qualify for full mark. Partial credit may be awarded.
12. The Group Work mark will be split into two parts the paper part and the discussion part.
13. Solve all questions.


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