Health Education Workshop and Reflection

Health Education Workshop and Reflection

Create a health education workshop to promote treatment adherence among people with Type 2 diabetes (7-10 pages). The workshop outline must include the following elements:


Title and Target Population. Select an appropriate title for the workshop outline. In addition, identify the audience and be specific.


Concept/ Main Idea/ Aim of the Workshop. Briefly describe the content. This section should respond to the question, “What am I trying to teach the participants?”


Prerequisite Knowledge. In one paragraph, describe what background/knowledge the participants of the workshop already have prior to coming to this session.


Goals. Include a minimum of 2 workshop goals you wish to achieve as a result of this workshop. Make sure to use appropriate “goal verbs”.


Workshop Objectives. Each workshop should have a minimum of 2 learning objectives. Objectives must follow ABCDE formula. Make sure to use appropriate “objective verbs.”


Workshop Introduction. This initiatory activity should arouse curiosity, connect to prior knowledge, and focus attention on what is to be learned.


Learning Activities. Clearly describe the strategies and procedures that will be employed to achieve the instructional objectives.  Be sure to clearly delineate differentiated instruction for a large group of participants. Strategies incorporate questions, statements, directions, actions, and the sequence in which they occur.  Strategies also deal with how the facilitator plans to structure and present new subject matter and relate it to the participants’ prior knowledge.  They also indicate facilitator and participant roles in the lesson.  This should be detailed enough so that any facilitator could read the steps to implement the lesson. Clearly indicate where you are meeting each objective in the learning activities.

Lesson Closures, Transitions, and Follow-ups. There should be smooth transitions between activities within the workshop and the workshop should have a summary activity. Assessments should help guide follow-up activities.


Resources. Provide a comprehensive list of all necessary materials including     technology, print and non-print resources, and any other items.


Assessment. Integrate at least 1 summative assessment into the workshop outline. Further, specify how you will know that each lesson objective was achieved.  Think creatively about evaluation and make sure that the assessment process parallels the emphasis of the workshop (i.e., if your workshop focused on higher order activities, the evaluation also should emphasize critical thinking).  Provide specific examples of your assessment process—think rubric!


References. Using APA citation style, list all references that were used in the development of your workshop including software, websites, and print and non-print sources.


Workshop Reflection.  Reflect on how you will know whether you have met the workshop goals and students have mastered the workshop objectives. Possible guiding questions include:

  1. What did you learn in your teaching methods course that influenced your decisions with this assignment?
  2. What challenges did you meet with incorporating the various standards?
  3. What considerations did you consider when designing activities to accommodate different learning styles?
  4. How did your own experience as a workshop participant in the past, help shape your construction of this workshop?



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