Location Logistics and Distribution

Location Logistics and Distribution

topic : Location Logistics and Distribution

  • Explain the importance of having a robust standard material requirements planning program.
  • Provide examples that support the following elements: (1) forecasts of demand, (2) firm orders, (3) engineering design changes, and (4) inventory transactions.
Chapter 14 Considerations: Location, Logistics, and Distribution (Week 4)
  • Detail out a location, logistics, and distribution plan with areas of identified risk.
  • Provide mitigation associations with each identified risk.
Chapter 10 Considerations: Quality Management and Six Sigma (Week 5)
  • Provide examples of each dimension of quality.
  • Describe how the concepts of Six Sigma could be applied.
  • Explain how the analytical tools for Six Sigma and continuous improvement (DMAIC) could be applied to optimize the supply chain.
Chapter 12 Considerations: Lean Supply Chains (Week 5)
  • Explain how a value stream map would be useful.
  • Provide an example of a value stream map.
  • Link the value stream map to an effective logistics and distribution process for the supply chain.
Chapter 11 Considerations: Inventory Management (Week 6)
  • Explain how the concepts of inventory costs apply and how these costs can be minimized.
  • Explain how the forecasting model you selected earlier will help improve inventory management and cost management.
Chapter 13 Considerations: Global Sourcing and Procurement (Week 7)
  • How might a bullwhip effect occur, and what steps would you take to mitigate any bullwhip effect?
  • Are there any opportunities for green sourcing? Identify those opportunities and link this to overall cost.
Conclusion (Week 7)
  • What value did walking through the supply chain process for your selected product or service provide you?
  • How will you apply the concepts you wrote about in your professional or personal life?

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