Legal ethical and cultural considerations

Legal ethical and cultural considerations

topic : Legal ethical and cultural considerations

All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in 7th edition APA style, and must be written at graduate level
English. Remember to cite
your work in APA format. You must include any relevant legal, ethical, and cultural considerations in your

For the case below, discuss the following:
1. Assessment and Diagnosis
2. Legal and Ethical Issues
3. Cultural Issues
4. Treatment Planning
5. Collaboration, Referrals and Community Resources
Remember that your case analysis must be specific to the person(s) and situations presented in the case, and
be supported by the text and other supportive resources with APA citation.

Your entire assignment should be 7-8 pages plus a title and reference page

Katie is a White, 27-year-old mother of three biracial children (Eva, age 2, Christopher, age 4 and Leon, age
10). Leon’s father is an African American man from a high-school relationship. He has never been a part of Leon’s
life. Eva and Christopher have the same father, a Korean man who disappeared shortly after Christopher was born.
Katie was never married to either of these men. Katie has been unable to work due to what she describes as an
autoimmune disorder. She is currently on disability. Her mother helps subsidize her income. Katie reports being
under the care of a physician but is on no medication.
Katie admits to ‘medicinal’ use of marijuana several times a day to deal with her pain. She also admits to
smoking crystal meth (methamphetamine) several times a week to give her the energy to function. During the past
three years Katie has also been taking OxyContin on a near daily basis. She is vague as to where she is getting the
OxyContin. Her children were removed from the home after an investigation by Child Protective Services
stemming from Leon’s disclosure to his teacher. Her children are currently in the custody of her older sister, but
Katie’s goal is to regain custody of her children once she is clean and sober.
Katie has a 14-year history of substance use which began on her 13th birthday (when she started stealing
Vicodin from her parent’s medicine cabinet and began smoking marijuana). Following the parents’ separation and
subsequent divorce, Katie’s father did not have much contact with her and eventually any visitation stopped
altogether when her father moved to Arizona to take a new job. At that point, she would only hear from her father
by phone, on her birthday and holidays. He has not been involved in the lives of his grandchildren. She describes
her mother as a “flaming co-dependent” but that she is a good grandmother and supports Katie’s goal of family

Activity Outcomes
1. Consider ethical and legal implications in treatment.
2. Develop collaborative treatment plans focused on recovery and resiliency.

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