Leadership and decision-making plans

Leadership and decision-making plans

topic : Leadership and decision-making plans

For your assignment this week, let’s revisit and build upon your leadership and decision-making plans and approaches to date. Please be sure to thoroughly address the following in at least 1750 words.

Revisit your goals and objectives (see attachment for the first assignment submitted and last submited)—how have they changed and evolved since the beginning of the course? With respect to proactive planning, how can you envision them continuing to change and/or evolve?

Describe how you plan to address your leadership and decision-making approaches in order to accommodate these changes and refinements.

Keeping your awareness and concern of business evolution and ethics in mind, how does sustainable development come in to play in your plans?

Please identify and describe how cultural awareness and civic engagement efforts in which your business will be involved, and the desired (potential) outcome of these cultural awareness and civic engagement efforts –please identify at least two (2) examples. How do these efforts align to the corporate mission, vision, and improve corporate exposure and profits? What will be the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for your company if the company implements the ideas in this CSR addendum?

As in other industries, many of the interactions between industry companies (labels, publishers) and artists are governed by their contractual agreements and correlating responsibilities.

Do you feel that it is necessary for industry leaders to be subject to a music industry code of ethics?

Please explain why, or not, you feel an ethical code of conduct for leaders should be adopted for the music industry. Please be sure to support your findings and conclusions and explain the realities/efficacy of enforcement in this area.


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