Key Personality Theorists And Theories

Key Personality Theorists And Theories

topic : Key Personality Theorists And Theories


Warm-Up Activity 1.1: Preparing a Chart

To prepare a chart for use in an assignment is quite easy. A chart is essentially a table in which you have established categories for review. To create a table in Word, you must go to Insert>Insert Table, then select the number of columns and rows you desire.

Theorist or theory nameTime period theory developed/theorist active (e.g. year or years); historical events occurring that influenced the development of the theorySummarize the main components of the theory including the main terms utilized and their definitionsPsychological school of thought or perspective (e.g. Cognitive/Interpersonal Viewpoint) Erik Erikson1902-1994: Erikson grew up during a period where racial identity played a major role. This affected Erikson who was the product of mixed ethnicity. This culminated with the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s forcing Erikson to emigrate.Erikson developed the concept of psychosocial stages during which an individual either successfully or unsuccessfully completes each stage. Psychosocial stages involve resolution of conflict negotiated in the context of relationships as opposed to Freud’s psychosexual stages. He is famous for the concept of Identity CrisisPsychoanalytic theory but expanded by the inclusion of the influence of social, cultural, and other environmental factors.


Personality texts generally cover from 12 to 18 personality theorists. For this task, you will preview your text. Begin by selecting 12 of the major personality theorists and/or personality theories reviewed in your text. Then, for each theorist or theory that you have identified, address the following in a chart:

Discuss the place in time of the theorist or theory (i.e., what was happening in the world at the time the theory was introduced that assists in putting its importance in understanding human behavior in perspective).
Summarize the main components of the theory including the main terms utilized and their definitions. If you are discussing a theorist, be sure to name the psychological school/perspective, philosophy, or system in which the text places the theory (e.g., The Cognitive/Interpersonal Viewpoint).
Then, conclude with a summary of which personality concepts that you believe are most relevant today.

Length: 2-3 page chart, and 1-page summary

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