Job description reflective report

Job description reflective report

Reflective report (1000 words)
Assessment 2: 25% (Submission 4th Jan 2021 @4pm)
Write a reflective report (1000 words) based on specific job description (attached to your submission) demonstrating how your newly acquired knowledge and skills from taking the Mental Wealth module prepares you as an ideal candidate for the identified job role. Your reflection should include reflection relevance of skills modules taken for the first assessment (e.g. Evidence of self-awareness, managing relationships, personal resilience, critical thinking, teamwork, emotional intelligence and career conversations).
You are to complete the following modules on LinkedIn Learning as part of preparation for the second assignment (done):
Finding a job and managing your career (26 Mins)
How to develop your career plan (24 mins)
You should address all of the following points in your reflective report;
1. Identify a job role, job advert and job description (include in appendix)
2. Reflect on how your newly acquired skill could give you an employability advantage
3. Show linkage between skills & competences required for the future role and current employability skills & competencies
4. Reflect on how you would leverage your newly acquired skills / competencies to position yourself for future career opportunities.
Structure of the submission for Job description reflective report:
1. Cover-page
2. Introduction
3. Identification of the job role and key skills requirements
4. Reflection and linkage to newly acquired skills
5. List of references.

Component 2 – Individual reflective report Criteria
Job role is identified
Evidence of reflection on job role skills requirement
Evidence of reflection on skills acquired on the module and how it relates to future employability prospects

Guidance on Referencing

As a student, you will be taught how to correctly reference essays using UEL’s standard Harvard referencing system from Cite Them Right.

Details of Submission Procedures – Coursework Submission Requirements

1) Your assignment will be anonymously marked so you must not identify yourself other than by using your student number (U number) anywhere on, or within, the assignment.
2) Your assignment must be submitted as an electronic copy via Turnitin only, no hard copy to be submitted.
3) The front cover of your assignment should include: –
• Your student Number (Uxxxxx)
• Module Code (HR5040)
• Name of the Module Leader (Mr. James)
• Date of Submission (to be declared)
• Word Count (xxx)
• Title of the Assignment. (Individual reflective report)

No Other Information Should be Included on the Cover.

4) Coursework must be submitted using point 12 font, and double-line spacing.

5) There should be no header or footer that identifies you on any page of your assignment – either by name or number.

6) Harvard referencing rules apply.

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