Jack the Ripper -Edmund Kemper case

Jack the Ripper -Edmund Kemper case

topic : Jack the Ripper -Edmund Kemper case

Choose either the Jack the Ripper or Edmund Kemper case, using both your textbook, provided article(s), or outside sources of your choosing.

Research the case of Ted Bundy and the psychological profile conducted in the case. Some information can be found at the following links, however further research may need to be conducted:

http://flowpsychology.com/ted-bundy-psychological-profile/ (Links to an external site.)

http://resource.rockyview.ab.ca/t4t/forensicscience35-5cr/Module03/L2/M3L2P05-CaseStudyTedBundy.html (Links to an external site.)

https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/wicked-deeds/201403/the-real-life-horror-tale-the-twisted-co-ed-killer (Links to an external site.)

Complete a research paper that addresses the following points, in order:

First, discuss the history and emergence of profiling as a technique in the criminal justice system. Here, you should be identifying a couple of the early pioneers of this technique, and explaining how and when it might be used in criminal investigations.

Next, explain how profiling is accomplished and the way in which the results are utilized specifically in either the Jack the Ripper or Edmund Kemper case. In your paper, you should briefly summarize boththe Ted Bundy case and whichever case you choose between Jack the Ripper and Edmund Kemper.

In both cases you research, determine the social and behavioral science used to come up with the criminal profile in the case. Was victim profiling used and if so, name some of them in your paper (e.g., the victims were prostitutes, the bodies were mutilated, etc).

Distinguish between legitimate profiling activities conducted in the Jack the Ripper or Edmund Kemper case as compared to how profiling is portrayed by the media today. Are the profiling methods used in some of your favorite television shows and movies an accurate depiction of what you have read about profiling and its usage in law enforcement?

Finally, defend the use of profiling in criminal justice as an investigative tool and as a procedure used in the court proceedings. Do you feel that profiling helped or hindered the cases you researched?

Be sure you break up your thoughts into separate paragraphs so I know you have satisfied the requirements in the instructions. Failure to break up your thoughts could result in a loss of points if I am unable to determine whether or not you have answered each of the questions posed to you in the instructions.

The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages of content (this does not include the title page, table or contents, abstract or references pages). The paper should be double spaced, written in Times new roman font with a size no bigger than 12. The paper should have one-inch margins. No more than 20% of the paper should be direct quotations from a source


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