Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Marketing

topic : Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Marketing (MKT 201)

Marketing Plan “Pitch” Presentation


This presentation is to assimilate the information you researched about and created for your new product into a pitch to sell/promote it. As such, do not present all of the information from your marketing plan assignments. Instead, use information from your plan. As inspiration for your presentation, think about infomercials or Shark Tank. Following are the areas you must include in your pitch:

Presentation Format Options:

· Zoom presentation (optional) – June 21, 2021 (Monday @ 10 a.m.)

· Online upload – June 25, 2021 (Friday @ 11:59 p.m.)

o Video of you presenting your slides

o PowerPoint with audio

Length of Presentation:

· 5 – 7 minutes (maximum)

Create (at least) Eight Slides:

1. Title Slide

a. Include the name of your product and your name

2. Introducing … your product

a. Show logo, packaging, label, etc. (or explain how you want to package it)

3. Product Concept Statement

a. Show the statement that you are using to entice consumers to purchase your product

4. Explain how your product works

a. Steps the consumer will take to use and purchase your product

5. Explain why your product is better than the competition

a. Discuss direct competition here and strengths from your SWOT

6. Positioning Statement

a. This explains who you are targeting and the benefits

7. Promotion

a. How are you going to sell your product (promotion) and get it in the hands of the consumer? Don’t just say “advertising” or “social media,” give a specific example

8. Call to Action (CTA)

a. Close your pitch with a CTA to make a purchase

b. Include your product name again and a slogan or consistent message.

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