THURSDAY APRIL 22, 2021, 2-5 pm AST


Provide answers to ALL FOUR of the following questions where each answer should take the form of a brief but substantive ESSAY, approx. 500 wds for each essay (1 single-spaced page), maximum 2,000 wds in total (4 single-spaced pages). Construct one essay for each of the four questions (four essays in total).
(25 marks each = 100 marks total).

Include at least ten distinct points for each question. Your answers should be presented in essay format: smoothly connected and well-organized paragraphs consisting of clear, complete, grammatically correct sentences. Do not write in point form. Also, your answers should be accurate, precise and probing; try to include as much detail as possible. Provide reasons in defense of your views in logically constructed arguments.

1. Explain what Stace thinks is the correct definition of free will. Discuss the compatibilist view that he defends as a result of adopting this concept of free will. Critically evaluate Stace’s position.

2. Discuss the free will and determinism issue from the perspective of Taylor. Explain how his own defense of free will differs from the view of other libertarians. Do you find his view compelling? Why or why not?

3. Provide an account of d’Holbach’s defense of determinism. Explain which theory of mind examined in this course you think would be most supportive of d’Holbach’s position. Provide reasons for your answer. Critically evaluate d’Holbach’s position in connection with the views of other philosophers on the issue of free will and determinism.

4. What consequences does Parfit’s view of personal identity have for morality? Do you agree with Parfit’s argument? Why or why not? Discuss in your answer Parfit’s assessment of the problems that his thought experiments concerning brain transplants pose for the notion of personal identity.

To SUBMIT your examination, save as a time-stamped WORD document to your own files first (NOT a sharepoint platform), then convert it to a PDF document. Then simply check off the “academic integrity pledge” (there’s a blurb at the top with a check box) and upload your examination in PDF format to the dropbox (there’s a giant blue arrow where you can drag your file) and click on the “save changes” button that appears at the bottom.

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