International Plastics Proposal Assignment

International Plastics Proposal Assignment

Title: International Plastics Proposal Assignment

Wk 5: International Plastics, Inc., E-commerce Proposal [due Mon]
Assignment Content
With the proposed addition of the new enterprise systems in place, the executive team wants to increase revenue by implementing e-commerce opportunities for the business. They have asked for a proposal to integrate e-commerce into International Plastics’ business strategy. As a guideline, this type of proposal is typically 3 to 4 pages in length.

Write a proposal with:
A list of anticipated functional requirements for e-commerce (the operations that e-commerce must be able to perform)
Three options integrating e-commerce into International Plastics’ business strategy
A recommendation of the best option based on the list of anticipated functional requirements
Note: Review the LinkedIn Learning course “Writing a Proposal” with Judy Steiner-Williams for tips on writing a proposal.

Submit 3-4 page paper with diagrams included in the same file.

Include at least 3 academic references.

Submit your assignment in Word format only. No zip files. If you want to include graphics, please add them in the same document as your paper. There should be only one file submitted for this assignment.

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International Plastics Proposal Assignment

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